The Community of Practice is a consortium of healthcare IT leaders that are committed to collaborate on issues of mutual concern for the benefit of providers that are developing or planning to develop an ACO or accountable care strategy.



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      The overriding goal of the CoP is to help enable rapid, effective and efficient adoption and use of Health Information Technology (HIT) by providers implementing new care models in support of accountable care. In order to achieve this goal, the Accountable Care CoP will adopt both short-term and long-term goals and objectives including:  
    • A focus on education, collaboration and communication.
    • To support the broad delivery of accountable care as US healthcare organizations move from volume-based to value-based models of care.
    • To encourage innovation through online and offline collaboration and sharing.
    • To develop an accountable care IT resource toolkit, including educational materials, best practices and technology blueprints.
    • To create an educational outreach program that includes webinars, conference workshops and online communities that encourage innovation through sharing and collaboration.
    • To promote tangible success stories across multiple communities to reward and shine a light on those organizations driving innovation.
    • To encourage healthcare IT industry collaboration through standards and interoperability.

    • “The United States Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) should provide much greater clarity that our nation’s healthcare system is moving towards more accountable healthcare delivery and payment. The need to shift to payment for value and to a patient-centric healthcare system characterized by coordinated and efficient care, evidence-based medicine, and data analytics has been recognized across the policy spectrum. This shift is being driven by private sector innovation and by federal and state efforts, including elements of the ACA. Healthcare IT has a critical role to play in enabling providers, payers, and patients to implement and thrive under accountable care.”